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      Welcome to The Green Valley Gardeners

      Since 1980, an IRS 501(c)(3) organization eligible to receive your tax-deductible contributions

      Our upcoming seminars on gardening in the desert are listed on the 'Seminars' tab above. Until the pandemic has passed, seminars are open only to club members as Zoom videoconferencing events.

      Our future public programs will be listed on the 'Events' tab above when they resume, following the pandemic. You will then be able to click the tab to see what will be in store.

      If you are interested in supporting one of our gardens or the Gardeners' club activities in general, click on the 'Donate' tab above to go to a secure donations page. You may make a donation using Google Pay or by entering your credit card number.

      We're offering Gardeners members a chance to purchase clothing with the new Gardeners' logo...


      Here’s your chance to order clothing with a new Green Valley Gardeners clothing logo direct from a company in Tucson. The logo will be much more recognizable on any piece of clothing. We have made arrangements with Aztec Embroidery and Screenprinting, 960 W Grant Rd, Tucson to provide a variety of shirts and other products at reasonable prices for our members. It couldn’t be easier. You can order online, pay online, and either pick up your item or they will mail it to you. Click here to view the ordering instructions.

      Major Projects

      Weekly Gardening Seminars
      Prominent authors, horticulturists, growers, and plant authorities presenting their expertise. Free admission includes coffee & light refreshments.
      Rhonda Rinn.

      Historic Canoa Ranch
      As a Pima County, Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation (NRPR) partner, we have taken on the challenge to recreate the gardens that once blossomed in this desert oasis. From the time of its Spanish land grant until the last steer shipped out, Hacienda de las Canoa has been a very important and influential force in southern Arizona.  Click here to read more about HCR.

      The Arid Garden
      Our Mission:
      To maintain a peaceful and welcoming garden demonstrating the use of native and low-water-use plantings for the education and enjoyment of all area residents.

      The garden is located in Desert Hills I subdivision, just off Camino Encanto, in the heart of Green Valley at 1004 W. Camino del Arrendajo. Entrance to this small demonstration garden is free and the park is open to the public from dawn to dusk. There are several walking paths winding through several hundred plants, shrubs, and trees. There are also shaded benches where you may sit and watch the many avian visitors as they also enjoy the garden.
      To view a short video about the Arid Garden produced by the Green Valley News, click on the secure link:
      GV News interview with Mary Kidnocker & Bill Carley at the Arid Garden.

      Video producer Wally Towne shot this video of the Arid Garden: Green Valley Gardeners' Arid Garden for all to enjoy.

      For more info about the Arid Garden and volunteer opportunities, contact:
         Mary Kidnocker (mary@) about plantings, etc.
         Bill Carley (billc@) about irrigation.


      The Arid Garden Entrance                                The Arid Garden
                                    (Click on photos above to display them full size.)

      The Allen J. Ogden Community Garden
      Our Mission: To provide garden plots to members of Green Valley Gardeners wishing to learn about and demonstrate successful vegetable gardening in the desert southwest.

      Who We Are: As recently as 2009, the garden was made up of nine men, who tended multiple plots. In September 2014, there were 56 gardeners, 9 of whom are children. We are novice and graduate level educated horticulturists, former landscapers, Master Gardeners from other states, and people who just like to spend time outside with their hands in the soil. We even have seasonal residents who come to volunteer.

      What We Offer: The garden offers 8 raised beds, 20-10'x40' plots, shared tillers and cultivators, storage sheds, composting bins, fencing, a gazebo, picnic tables, access to a well for irrigation, plenty of parking, and a handicap-accessible porta-potty.
      Contact: Erin Walker.

      Desert Meadows Park: Bird Watchers gather to enjoy the sights.
      Learn more about The Park.


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